The payment gateway is the conduit that enables online transactions to take place between a consumer and a merchant. It is the technology that connects all parties involved in the payment process, namely the merchant, the Acquiring banks, the Card Associations (Visa and MasterCard) and the consumer’s bank (known as the card Issuer).

In our case, merchants need to integrate to our platform to be able to carry out online transactions that they want to settle to one of the banks that we work with.

Timescales depend very much on how much of a priority merchants give to integration, and the experience of their technical teams. Our integration staff is very experienced and able to manage and guide merchants across many variables.

Integration to our system is done via coding to our web service API. You design a page that resides on your web server that securely obtains all the required cardholder information (this page must be SSL encrypted), which in turn is submitted to us by calling the appropriate web service method. The integration options will be dictated by the type of processing and services that your business requires.

Once you business has been approved by the Acquiring banks, the business development team will make the appropriate introductions to our technical staff. They will forward on a merchant questionnaire, that acts as an agenda for a conference call, to initiate the integration process. Once you have signed our payment gateway agreement you will be given access to the relevant API to review.

You will be assigned a lead technical resource, who is available to you via phone and e-mail throughout the entire integration, testing and training process. You can reach our technical team via

To integrate to us, your developers must be able to provide client side security for receiving cardholder information (credit card number, expiry date etc), as well as being able to connect to us using HTTPS to pass information using SSL.

Your technical staff will also need to be able to write scripts or develop programmes for your web server to provide the necessary integration.

All you need is a web server that is Internet facing that you are able to write scripts on that can be used to call our payment gateway API for transaction processing purposes.

Possibly, but we must have a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement in place.

Although 3-D Secure™ and non-3-D Secure™ transactions share many of the same parameters, the process flows of the two transaction types are quite different, and therefore the implementation methods also vary.

A non-3-D Secure™ transaction is fairly straightforward. It is a normal synchronous request-response process flow between our platform and your servers. You send us the required parameters, via our web service, and our payment gateway returns a response back to you to action accordingly (for example redirect your customers to a purchase successful or purchase unsuccessful page).

A 3-D Secure™ transaction is substantially more involved, which is why the implementation of this method is different. The key difference is that the transaction flows through the cardholder’s browser as it is a requirement by the card industry that the cardholder’s browser has direct access to their Issuing bank’s server when entering their 3-D Secure™ password. As such it is not a direct request-response transaction flow, and must be coded differently.

In addition, we offer merchants the opportunity to process 3-D Secure™ authentication only transactions. These transactions are not in any way authorised, but are used to ensure that the user of the card is indeed the owner of the card by requiring the 3-D Secure™ password to be entered.

From a technical integration perspective, yes, but from a business standpoint, no. For you to access all the banks that we work with, you will need to have received approval from each Acquirer BEFORE you are authorized to process transactions via our payment gateway to that bank.

From us, there is just a one-time integration fee that will be agreed at proposal stage. This is payable to us on bank approval and once the technical process is initiated, you will receive an invoice for immediate remittance.

The fee covers the time and resources required from us to advise and guide your teams through the integration process. The extent of these costs relates directly to assisting you to implement our API. It does not extend to providing in-depth developer and consulting support outside of the framework of our API.

Generally, no. Every case is different, and we would need to discuss your requirements once the business development team has received approval from the banks and the integration process begins. As business and systems are dynamic, it is important that you retain a technical resource, who is capable of supporting your business.

In certain circumstances we are able to extend a fee-based consulting contract to assist you. If you have a requirement for technical support, please let our business development teams know at the bank approval process stage.

If we can help, a Project Plan and costs will be made available for your consideration and sign-off ahead of the start of any consulting work. Our fees are structured on an hourly basis, and are tailored to meet each merchant’s individual requirements.

During the integration process, which begins once the bank(s) has confirmed they wish to accept your online business for merchant acquiring, you will be connecting to our test platform, provided to allow you to test code thoroughly without having to perform live transactions.

The test platform mimics the production environment in many ways. Once testing to this platform is completed satisfactorily, you will receive a live Merchant ID (MID) from us, along with a processing password, and will be asked to make the appropriate changes to your code to point your systems to our production platform.

Final testing will be closely monitored with you to ensure your code changes are correct. Once this is implemented, and all user training is complete, you will (subject to bank written confirmation that your merchant accounts are open) be ready to go-live.

Once our technical team has agreed that the systems are ready, final testing on your live MIDS is carried out between us and you in a secure production environment, to ensure all processes are working in accordance with our API, and to confirm that settlement can be received into your direct merchant accounts at the chosen bank(s).

Full end-to-end testing that includes captures, refunds, reversals and settlement.

  • 3-D Secure™ authorization only, authorization and capture, authentication only or previously authenticated
  • Non- 3-D Secure™ authorization only, or authorization and capture
  • AVS verification only
  • Capture
  • Reversal
  • Refund
  • Verify transaction status
  • Ukash

A complete range of transaction reports are available via our secure web service. Our technical team will provide login details and training on the system during integration.

Yes, our technical team is available via phone and e-mail during normal work hours. You can access the team anytime via We also provide an emergency 24 x 7 x 365 pager and emergency support, and details will be provided during the integration process.

In the unlikely event that our systems (or those of the banks) go down, you will be alerted directly and advised accordingly.

The terms of our SLA are confidential to each merchant based on their processing requirements. Given payment processing is a 24-hour business, you can expect the highest levels of support from all of our teams.

To find out more please contact us. Or simply apply online.