Pan Europe — Pricing & Settlement Currencies (Solution Dependent)

We can offer up to 150 currencies with settlement to Euros and/or pricing and settlement in up to 15 major world currencies, depending on the bank where you hold your merchant account.

Mauritius — Pricing & Settlement Currencies

British Pounds
US Dollars
Canadian Dollars
Swiss Francs
Swedish Kronor
Danish Krona
Mauritius Rupees
Japanese Yen
Australian Dollars
Hong Kong Dollars
South African Rand
Singapore Dollars
United Arab Emirates Dirhams
Kenyan Shillings

Latin America & The Caribbean — Pricing & Settlement Currencies


All South American, Caribbean and Central American currencies are available through acquirers in the LACR with settlement to US Dollars. All major European currencies are also available with settlement to US Dollars under this solution.

We can offer up to 145 currencies for presentment with settlement to US dollars.

Examples of such currencies include: Argentine Peso, Colombian Pesos, Bolvian Boliviano, Brazilian Reals, Chilean Pesos, Mexican Pesos, Costa Rica Colons, Belize Dollars, Canadian Dollars, US Dollars and Cayman Island Dollars.

In addition to settling to US Dollars in Caribbean jurisdictions, we can also settle to the currency of the particular jurisdiction.  For example, in Barbados, a merchant can price and settle in Barbados Dollars. In Jamaica, a merchant can price and settle their funds in Jamaican Dollars.

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