Why Are Credit and Debit Card Fraud Alerts Going Up?

  In a recent poll conducted by CreditCards.com, nearly 4 in 10 customers say that they have received an erroneous credit card fraud alert. According to the poll, 31 percent of U.S. adults said they received a fraud alert about … Continued

What Are Some of the Worst Costs of Fraud?

There’s no question that Card Not Present (CNP) fraud is a major concern for merchants – especially when more customers prefer to shop online for their goods every day.  It is much easier to commit fraud in a CNP situation … Continued

Are All Offshore Merchant Accounts High Risk?

If you’re a business that sells products and services online, then you need an online merchant account. Without a merchant account, you cannot accept payments over the internet. During your search for a reliable merchant account provider, you may have … Continued

Holiday Season Cybercrime: What You Need to Know

The busy holiday shopping season is underway, and online sales are expected to rise. The National Retail Federation expects online sales in the U.S. to increase between seven and 10 percent to upwards of $117 billion. Others anticipate ecommerce to … Continued

How Credit Card Processing Works

While many of us use credit cards every day, few people actually understand how online credit card processing works. How does a cardholder swipe or enter their credit card and receive almost instant feedback from the merchant on whether or … Continued

Building an eCommerce Website: 5 Technical Aspects You Need

With an increasing demand for online buying, more businesses are moving to e-store from the traditional brick-and-mortar store. eCommerce sites make it possible for businesses to sell their products online, and customers can enjoy the convenience and flexibility shopping online … Continued