Please go ahead and complete our online application form and your personal account manager will respond within 2 business days to advise next steps.

Alternatively, you may wish to call a member of our business development team. Vivian Curtis, Senior Relationship Manager, can be reached from 8.30am -5.00pm Atlantic Standard Time (AST), Monday to Friday, on + 441 294 4645

Much of the timeline is down to you and how quickly your teams can provide the supporting application and account opening documentation, sign the relevant bank and processing contracts, and then, once approved, whether priority is given by your technical teams to completing integration and testing.

In our experience, where merchants prioritise across all aspects of the process, the move to live processing can happen within a 4 to 6 week window.

Initial Application:

  • Competed application form
  • 3 to 6 months most recent processing statements showing chargebacks

Bank Approval (Bank Dependent) – General Guideline:

  • Completed and signed bank application form
  • One-page business overview
  • 2 years most recent financial statements (audited preferred)
  • Existing parent company Certificate of Incorporation
  • Colour copies of passports for all principals, account signatories and/or directors of the company
  • Original copies of bank references for the parent company to include principals, account signatories and/or directors of the company
  • 6 months corporate bank statements

Initial application documents should be sent directly to us. Completed bank applications should be e-mailed to us initially for review, and once all is in order, originals should be sent directly to the partner bank concerned. Our business development team will provide all the relevant bank contact details.

Bank account opening completed forms and relevant corporate documentation should be sent directly to your bank contacts.

No. Submitting an application to us is free.

Other than courier costs for the documents you will need to provide directly to our banks as part of your application pack, there are no costs that are likely to be incurred until final bank approval is confirmed.

Bank approval is the trigger for integration and company formation to begin. At this stage you will receive an invoice from us for a one-time integration fee.

Incorporation costs are agreed and levied directly between you and your chosen corporate services provider.

Yes, if you are an established brick and mortar company with a strong trading history that wants to sell online for the first time, we will review your application.

Please note that we are unable to accept applications from start-up companies.

  • High chargeback levels of over 1 – 2 % of monthly processing
  • Restricted business type (adult, multi-level marketing or illegal businesses)
  • Inability to provide the required supporting documentation
  • Poor financial performance (based on partner bank risk assessments)
  • Start-up

Yes. We can provide a full end-to-end package that includes all of our online fraud and data management solutions and consumer authentication solutions.

You can take one or all of these solutions from the outset or start with just a few and extend these as your business requirements dictate.

If we or our partner bank(s) choose to decline your application, you will be notified directly by our business development team.

We will advise you (if appropriate) at INITIAL APPLICATION ONLY.

We are NOT at liberty to disclose why our banks have declined your application.

All of the banks that we work with follow their own policies and procedures and are at liberty to decline a merchant application based on these. We will notify you directly if the banks do not wish to proceed, but are not able to advise why as we are not told.

Possibly. Our business development team will review your application and advise accordingly.

No. Our business development team will advise you directly so that they can introduce you to the next steps in the process.

No. They are not permitted to share that information.

  • Payment gateway agreement in duplicate (contains all our terms and pricing)

This is bank dependent, but a general guideline would be:

  • Merchant Agreement (contains all their terms and pricing)
  • Authorized signatories form(s)
  • Account opening form(s)

This is jurisdiction and bank dependent. Bank approval of your application is the trigger for Incorporation to begin in some jurisdictions, but in others  you need to have a corporation set up in order to apply.

To comply with Visa and MasterCard cross-border regulations which require all online merchants to established a corporate presence in the jurisdiction in which they settle their funds.

Your application will stop and you will not be able to open accounts with the bank.

  • Mauritius
  • Bermuda
  • Panama
  • United Kingdom
  • Curacao
  • EU countries
  • Various countries across the Caribbean

To find out more please contact us. Or simply apply online.