• Multi-currency residuals paid into a bank account of your choice
  • Partner and merchant/client protection from circumvention to help protect established relationships
  • Direct accounts offered to merchants in leading jurisdictions around the world – Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solutions ARE NOT offered
  • Multiple payment options via a single integration
  • Multiple bank relationships possible via a single integration
  • Opportunity to earn residuals from standalone consumer authentication and risk management solutions
  • Trusted provider to major corporations around the world for over 15 years
  • Global marketing and sales campaigns to attract new merchants for Acquirers looking to expand their programmes
  • Access to a network of leading fiduciaries and management services companies who can assist with client incorporations and advise on relevant corporate tax benefits

The Acquirer Partner Programme is tailored to assist established and new Acquiring banks with maximizing income, through offering a range of integrated and standalone services, to meet the changing needs of their Internet merchants. Banks can approach us directly or be introduced via a consultant or contact.

The Referral Partner Programme affords all kinds of organizations and single individuals the opportunity of introducing clients to us. For example, we have partners who refer just a handful of online merchants to us during a given year for payment processing, while other large organizations have implemented our standalone services in emerging markets where these solutions are not currently available.

In essence, referring parties of all types receive residuals for all merchants and all services they refer that go live with us. These residuals are paid for as long as the services are used by those clients.

Residuals for direct merchant account solutions with banks are paid based on the NET SETTLED position of the merchants’ monthly processing volume.

All other integrated and standalone service residuals are paid on a per ‘click’ basis as per the terms of the contract signed between the referring partner and us for that specific deal.

Get to know us, work with our Business Development and Marketing teams on product and service positioning for your clients, introduce your customers to our solutions, and then act as the bridge between us and the companies you refer to help expedite a successful outcome for all parties.

We invoice for our services on a monthly basis (payment terms are receipt of invoice). As soon as we receive payment, we pay you. You advise us how you wish to receive residual and commission payments.

We pay commissions based on invoice remittance only so if the clients you refer to us do not pay, or are slow to pay, this will directly impact our ability to pay you.

Depending on the size and specifics of the solutions you are looking to source, there are two options for getting started (1) complete our online form, (2) contact cburns@fac.bm – Chris Burns, CEO or tlineshill@fac.bm — Tricia Lines Hill, SVP, Marketing & Business Development.

For direct merchant account solutions, please begin by reviewing our list of acceptable merchant types.

You can choose to complete our online form or if you prefer contact tlineshill@fac.bm – Chris Burns, CEO.

We have many years experience of working with partners and consultants and understand the sensitivities and need for complete confidentiality. As such, we have Non Disclosure Agreements that have been drafted specifically to protect all parties involved in any discussions. You can choose to review and sign a FAC NDA ahead of initial discussions if you prefer. We are also happy to review prospective partner and client NDAs as appropriate.

Banks and processors looking for solutions, online merchants shown on our acceptable merchants list for direct merchant account solutions. For our standalone services we are able to consider all types of businesses and leads.

Via secure, permission-based, login to First Atlantic Commerce web reports.

Our technical team will establish your login details, and rights, and provide the necessary information directly to you. We require written confirmation from your merchants/clients for you to view their transactional data.

We offer all parties the opportunity to review and sign contracts which provide written assurances to this effect.

Our Business Development teams will introduce you and your clients to our technical teams and the process of integration (when necessary and depending on solution type) will begin. 

What Other Value-Adds Can I Expect From Being A Partner?

  • Dual branded marketing PDF brochures (terms apply)
  • Joint conference attendance (terms apply)
  • Sales and technical training
  • Joint conference calls and client presentations (terms apply)

To find out more please contact us. Or simply apply online.