“We deliver customized
and fexible online
payment solutions
to international
corporations, acquirers
and processors across
the globe.”




Direct Merchant Accounts

FAC has earned a unique place in the market and a reputaton for designing and tailoring mult-currency, mult-jurisdictonal, secure, payment processing solutons. We work with banks located throughout the Latn American Caribbean Region, across Europe and in Mauritus. All of our internatonal merchant account solutons are for direct merchant accounts and processing through our payment gateway, which is integrated to the various bank processing platorms.

Merchant Requirements

  • Merchants must have existng sales volumes of a
    minimum of USD $350,000 per year
  • No start-ups (merchants must have at least 6 months
    of online credit card processing history or have an
    established brick and mortar company)
  • Merchants must have a credit rato of less than 5% and
    a chargeback rato of less than 1%
  • Merchants must provide fnancials or similar proof of
    income to the Acquiring bank


Depending on the bank and jurisdicton, we can facilitate pricing in 145 diferent currencies with setlement to US Dollars, or presentment in up to 200 currencies with setlement in various world currencies.

We work with banks in the following jurisdictons for direct merchant account acquiring:-

  • Europe
  • Bermuda
  • Caribbean
  • Panama
  • Mauritus

Key Features

  • Access to a global network of banks via FAC
  • Pricing in 145 currencies with setlement to US
    Dollars and/or presentment in up to 200 currencies
    with setlement to various world currencies (bank
  • Daily Setlement (terms apply)
  • Visa, MasterCard® and American Express card brands
    (Amex is bank dependent)
  • Incorporaton: Merchant is required to have a corporate
    presence in the jurisdicton; Bermuda also allows for a
    virtual corporaton based on segregated cell legislaton
  • 3D Secure Payer Authentcaton for Verifed by Visa and
    MasterCard® SecureCode™ (bank dependent)

Alternatve Payments


We enable merchants to connect to Ukash directly through
our payment platorm.

Companies beneft from Ukash because it opens up new markets to which they can sell their goods and services online. Many people don’t have credit or debit cards, or even bank accounts, and some are simply reluctant to give their fnancial details online.

Customers can get Ukash by convertng their cash at any one of hundreds of thousands of global locatons and via online banking in many countries. Ukash is available online or for purchase in supermarkets, kiosks and statoners across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania.

Ukash is integrated into FAC’s platorm for issuing and redempton.

u kash logo


FAC can provide you with access to Moneybookers for worldwide eWallet coverage as well as various eWallets in Europe, Russia and the Latn American Caribbean Region.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

We enable merchants to send outgoing payments, in most currencies, to benefciaries around the world through our payment platorm via our relatonship with Chexx Inc.

Specializing in issuing and disbursing high volumes of checks and electronic funds transfers (EFT and ACH) to payees all over the world, Chexx ofers convenient local-currency payments to over 65 countries.

Ideal for merchants who need to send incentves, rewards, refunds, prizes or commissions, we can facilitate the issuing of checks or electronic funds transfers (EFT) in over 30 currencies to companies or individuals across the globe.


  • Real-tme bank transfers
  • Prepaid cards
  • Additonal voucher based services

Key Benefts of Alternatve Payments

  • Access to new markets
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment for increased sales
  • Safe and secure



Internatonal Payment Solutons

First Atlantc Commerce (FAC) is an online, internatonal payment solutons provider dedicated to providing businesses across the globe with custom payment and risk management solutons.

In additon to global credit and debit card processing, FAC supports alternatve and domestc payment optons including online cash payment types, voucher based services, eWallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers and electronic funds transfer (EFT) services.

We deliver customized and fexible online payment solutons to internatonal corporatons, acquirers and processors across the globe. Our online payment solutons enable merchants to expand their Internet-based businesses into new regions and countries, through a single point of contact.

Key Features

  • PCI DSS Compliant Gateway (since 2005)
  • Direct merchant accounts with banks around the world,
    facilitated by FAC
  • Mult-currency, mult-jurisdictonal setlement via
    a single interface
  • Internet banking (bank dependent)
  • Batch processing
  • Recurring Billing
  • Tokenizaton/Card Storage
  • Hosted Payment Page
  • Virtual Terminal for MO/TO and Call Centre processing
  • Alternatve Payment optons
  • Local Payment optons
  • Standalone or bundled Online Fraud management
  • AVS and Card ID Verifcaton (CVV2/CVC2/CID)
  • 3-D Secure™ certfed MPI in Europe, CEMEA and LACR
  • Secure, web based transacton reportng
  • Online Merchant Support Centre/Developer’s Login area via
    our website
  • 24 x 7 Emergency Technical Support
  • Single source of support for your global
    processing needs




“FAC has earned a unique
place in the market
and a reputation for
designing and tailoring
multi-currency, multi-
jurisdictional, secure,
payment processing


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